Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Biking May Cause Handlebar Palsy

It is being called handlebar palsy, and if you’re a bike rider, beware. The problem is particularly serious in mountain bikers. If you like to exercise on mountain bikes, you probably have days when your wrists ache. Well, here’s the problem. When you grip the handle bars, the repeated shocks that occur when you bounce over rocky terrain can cause this so-called handlebar palsy. The name accurately describes the problem. Handlebar palsy has several symptoms: numbness, tingling, pain in the arms and wrist, even the little finger. The American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Prevention says that prevention is the key. They recommend the following steps. First, make sure your bike is the right fit for your size, wear padded gloves and pad your handlebars. Sit in a more upright position. The goal is to put less weight and pressure on your hands and wrists. Two other suggestions? Take rests on long bike trips. Change your hand position on the handlebars frequently.

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