Monday, July 22, 2013

Heart Attacks in Women

News of a study from Ireland that women with heart attack symptoms take far longer to get to the hospital than men do. And it’s quite disturbing. It clearly shows that many women don’t believe that heart attack symptoms need to be taken seriously, or at the very least, they have a tough time understanding a heart attack can have subtle symptoms. Not just the chest pain. There could be pain down the arm or radiating into the jaw, and it some cases, feelings of indigestion, chest pressure, intense nausea or sweating can be signs. Another big problem is women took about fourteen hours to get to the emergency room compared to three hours the average man took. Men, meanwhile, are more likely than women to make the dangerous choice of driving themselves to the emergency room. Patients typically said they drove because they thought it was the fastest way to get to the hospital, but many also admitted they were on the verge of collapse once they arrive.

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