Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Broccoli Sprouts Could Reduce Levels of Dangerous Stomach Bacteria

There's new information that broccoli sprouts could reduce dangerous stomach bacteria.  It's a small study of 48 Japanese people infected with the stomach bacteria Helicobacter pylori and it suggests that eating broccoli could reduce levels of this dangerous bug. Helicobacter pylori can cause ulcers and even stomach cancer.  In the study, participants either ate 30 days of all broccoli sprouts, for 30 consecutive days, or an equivalent amount of alfalfa sprouts.  Researchers measured the level of pH.  They also looked at H. pylori in the patients after eight weeks.  They found that those eating broccoli had reduced levels of the bug.  For those eating the alfalfa sprouts, not so much.  This research was done at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

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