Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Active Video Games Could Contribute to Kids’ Physical Fitness

Playing active video games could contribute to physical fitness.  A group of 23 children had their energy exertion measured while they watched television, walked on a treadmill, and played two active video games.  This report is in the journal Pediatrics and it was done at the University of Oklahoma and also done in the U.K.  What they found that playing active games at a high skill level was similar to moderate intensive walking.  The authors suggested that for children who spent a lot of time playing video games, active video games could be a valuable means of promoting activity.  However, an accompanying review article finds there have been no large, quality, or especially high quality, studies on the effects of these types of games on children's health.  The caution should be that we shouldn't leap to conclude that they're positive influences.  

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